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Search Engine
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Pay-Per-Click Management
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Web Design &
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Top SEO Consultant and certified SEO expert offers professional SEO services to get your website ranked into the top positions on the three
search engines that matter google , yahoo and MSN
SEOGURU is not your usual SEO Company
We don’t promise to have you ranked at number 1 in Google, and we don’t promise to put you on the first page in 1 month.
  Search SEOGURU have ranked hundreds of real websites from dating to property, we know what we’re doing. We don’t do the above because it’s NOT possible to guarantee it; No matter what SEO company you speak with, if they GUARANTEE you a particular ranking then they are lying. What we will do is show you results from our previous search engine optimisation work, let you speak to extremely satisfied clients who have used our SEO services and judge for yourself whether we are worth your business.
Why you need SEO services
You might have the best designed website in the world, it might be the easiest to navigate on the web, but if your site has no visitors, what’s the point? You need traffic to survive, and the right kind of traffic.

A successful online company needs to have a good rank in the search engines; if you want to have a regular flow of new customers then you need to get higher in the search engines than your competitors for particular keywords relating to your business.
How can this be done?
There are many ways to increase your online presence; through search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click Management (PPC) and website promotion.

When you use SEOGURU you are safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with certified SEO consultants who have been providing Pay Per Click management, search engine marketing, website promotion and seo services for more than a decade with PROVEN results and incredibly happy clients’.
If you are serious about increasing website traffic, improving your business and online presence, then get in touch with SEOGURU – we are only a phone call or email away. We offer a FREE phone consultation service from a certified  seo consultant, to help you decide what it is you need to grow your business.
Top Services
Search Engine Optimisation
At SEOGURU we are extremely well qualified and experienced in SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. We are able to improve your brand awareness using specific keyword phrases related to your business, pushing new and relevant traffic your way every day, and keep people coming back for more.
Search Engine Marketing
Similar to SEO, Search Engine Marketing focuses on more than just relevant keywords. We research into other forms of promotion and advertisement that can improve your ranking in the top search engines.
SEO Web Design
Are you looking for the perfect website that not only looks great, but is search engine-friendly? Our SEO Web Design services are the perfect solution. With our unique and proven strategies we can significantly improve your website’s popularity in terms of search engine rank, and customer satisfaction.
PPC Management
Pay Per Click management solutions are not easy to implement with little to no experience, let SEOGURU handle your PPC campaigns and be sure that you’re not only targeting the right keywords, but you’re paying the best price and achieving more and more unique viewers every day.
As you can see, our SEO services include a wider variety of effective strategies which has been proven to significantly improve a website’s image, as well as placement in the top search engines that matter.

The goal is to achieve more visitors to your site, and with SEOGURU you can be sure you will receive repeat customers on a regular basis.
Professional SEO Services Offered:
Search Engine Optimisation
Improve brand awareness
Get ranked in the major search engines for relevant keywords
Improved traffic to your website
Free consultation by phone with an seo consultant
Custom packages to suit your particular needs and budget
No black-hat SEO techniques – only legitimate techniques that work.
Search Marketing
Ranked for relevant keywords
Other forms of promotion to get ranked
Google AdWords campaign management
Free consultation on the phone
Ongoing advice for advertising
No black-hat SEO techniques, only real & proven techniques to improve your website
Web Design
SEO web design free consultation on the phone
SEO techniques implemented directly into the site we create for you
Text created for your site that has been Search Engine Optimised!
The option to have us continue to promote and SEO your site for a high ranking in the search engines.
Get a free 30 minute consultation from a certified SEO consultant
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We can provide bespoke
SEO training to businesses
located anywhere within
the UK.
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"I used the expert services provided by the SEOGURU team and found them to be outstanding. I used them for my recruitment agency and I am now on page 1 of Google for virtually every keyword! They kept me informed, with language I could understand. Absolutely no jargon. I highly recommend you give them a call"
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