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Whether you’re running a retail business or are trying to raise awareness on an issue of interest through SEO Services or online marketing, your success will depend much on the amount of organic traffic you receive on your website. We Identify your potential customers and carefully analysis you web competitors to help in making our approach to seo marketing the best value for money in the UK.

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we provide both individuals and companies with an effective strategy in gaining traffic to their business through effective affordable Local and National SEO, SEM, PPC and development.

As one of the leading SEO companies in the UK, we have been helping customers achieve success through Search Engine Optimisation techniques for more than ten years. By employing our services, you will take leaps toward your goals by getting better rankings on search engines such as Google and Yahoo, which effectively translates to more visits, more customers – and, if applicable, more sales.

We address the requirements of our customers on an ad-hoc basis

we do not use a one-size-fits-all approach. We acknowledge that your site’s audience has its own set of needs. Our SEO techniques are focused on meeting those needs, and our experts will work with you to tailor your site’s content and structure to better serve your customers.

There are many facets to a sound web marketing strategy, including site optimisation, content writing and blog posts, linking, selecting proper keywords, and pay-per-click marketing. We will ensure that you apply just enough of each to make sure you have the biggest impact in your industry at the lowest price.

As the mobile market is growing at a strikingly fast pace, we will make sure that your site will also be friendly towards mobile and tablet visitors (which happens to be a major factor in search ranking).

If you’re worried about constant changes in search engine ranking algorithms, here’s the good news: Our experts are always up to date with the latest techniques, and they make sure that you reach the top of the ladder in short order.
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Why SEO Guru?

  • • We are based in the UK and focused on providing top class services to UK Clients We know the demographics of your customers, and we can help you better assess and meet their needs in terms of online services.

  • • We establish long-term relationships and keep in touch with our customers, constantly updating them on new SEO trends and helping them to remain at the top of their industry.

  • • We offer a wide array of tools and options that can help every type of business and activity, we make sure that every penny you spend on SEO will translate into traffic and customers.

  • We do not use unethical techniques to give short-lived boosts to client websites. Our white hat approach to SEO makes sure that you deliver better customer service and receive more organic traffic and product lifetime value customers that will revisit your site and spread the word.

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  • Research Your Idea and Targeted Industry

    Once you found your bright idea to start your business, you have to figure out the market demand and supply. Consult with Search Engine Marketing consultant to do initial research to get professional reports.

    Think of a Profitable Idea – Choose a Business to Start

    Most crucial part for a new entrepreneur to identify an innovative idea – Try to pursue what you love most on the basis of your creative skills and strengths – So it will not feel like "Work Pressure".

  • Client's Testimonial What Clients are saying about SeoGuru

    " We have been using SEO Guru for content writing and marketing for the past two years.  I have no hesitation in recommending them. The content they create is not only really interesting for our website visitors but they also design it with our search engine performance in mind.  Thanks again guys!  Keep up the great work. "

    Hank ( 8Casinos )


    " We use SEO Guru for all of our internet marketing functions: pay per click, SEO and content writing and marketing.  My staff find them very responsive and easy to deal with and I am really happy with the results from these important marketing channels. "

    David John ( Softtec )


    " SEO Guru has helped our business immensely over the past 12 months.  They designed and developed a modern looking e-commerce website for my business.  I am very happy with the results.  I continue to use them to drive our search engine optimisation.  We are now ranked competitively for many of our chosen keywords and have seen a significant increase in website traffic and sales. "

    Jonathon Fletcher


Our Services
SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our SEO strategy consists of a set of ethical techniques, meticulously adapted to and tailored for your line of business and the demographics of your customers, aimed at maximising your visibility within organic search results. We believe that you deserve to have a spot on the first page, and we have the right tools to make sure that you obtain that spot.

Our SEO services will ensure that you have a fast-loading, responsive site that provides the perfect flow and user experience on workstations and mobile devices. We will also make sure that you have the perfect blend and density of keywords to be able to stand out within your industry. And we will gradually build enough credible back links to improve your site’s integrity and credibility across the web.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising tools allow you to distribute your ads across the internet for a certain fee. But without a good strategy, the can end up becoming a waste of time and money, and will at best generate false traffic that will provide no business value.
We are here to help you lay out that strategy and ensure that you get the biggest bang for the buck on the money you spend for your PPC campaigns. This will include better understanding your audience and choosing the right wording and design to make sure that your ads result to value-generating traffic and draw visitors that will convert to customers.

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Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

We work through major search engine advertising programs, including programs run by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This lets us put your website on hundreds of websites relevant to you and your business – but the best part is, we use a system that means you only pay when people have accessed your website through those adverts. Thanks to clever optimisation performed by search engines, your ad can be dynamically displayed to the people who’re most likely to be looking for your product – they just don’t know it yet. A cost-per-click system keeps advertising solutions cost effective for you, while keeping your product in clear view.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile apps can give you an edge over your competitors by providing a tailor made experience for smart phone and tablet devices. Websites are a powerful and accessible tool, but a mobile app for Android or iOS can be the asset that puts you above the rest. It allows you to custom build an experience for your users specific to a device that’s always nearby, making full use of mobile on the go devices makes sure your customers have access to your website and products from anywhere in the world at anytime. Apps native to a platform can make better use of the device, and allow you to make a companion for your user available to them from the palm of their hand.
More and more users are opting to use mobile apps to purchase products and services. Therefore, mobile apps and services can prove to be a decisive factor in your business’s success. Our mobile developers will help you build the right app to complement the services offered by your website, and we don’t mean a mere port of your website into a mobile app

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