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Increase your brand exposure with effective banner marketing
Website Marketing With Banners

Banner Marketing and Brand Management

Website Marketing With Banners

Do you need to increase your brand exposure?  Are you looking to drive visitors to your website?  Do you want to deliver relevant contextual advertising around the internet?   Have you tried banner advertising but with limited success?  Have you heard the buzz around retargeting but don’t know where to start?  Are you after new customers for your business?  Perhaps you just need some creative direction around image optimisation?

Banner marketing, in its simplest form, refers to the use of banner ads, from text through to video, on a website.  But banner advertising is no longer dominated by flashing GIFs or basic static imagery.  Banner marketing is now extremely versatile and allows for highly interactive, data-driven promotion of your website or brand on websites or pages that are contextually relevant.

Banner ads drive large volumes of impressions for your advertising and have been shown to create a favorable attitude toward advertising due to repeated exposure.  If exposure and brand management is a key requirement for your business then banner marketing is a channel that you need to consider.

Why Banner Marketing?

The banner ad continues to be a productive and powerful digital advertising alternative.  Innovations and advances in ad technology mean they can provide effective solutions for brand management and exposure, sales conversion or simply conversation and storytelling.  Some of the key benefits of banner marketing include:

Data Driven

Nowadays banner advertising is interwoven with data.  The ability to hyper target customers or prospects by location, age or lifestyle is extremely valuable, as is the deep insight into browsing, shopping and purchasing behavior.  This ensures you target the right advert or creative to the right person at the right time.


While critics of banner advertising identify a low click through rate compared to some other advertising options, the ROI is what’s most relevant.  Low CPMs enable marketers to generate a high number of ad impressions for a relatively low cost.  Even with low click throughs banner advertising is effective in driving a significant increase in website visits due to the scale of impressions, and an increase in brand recognition.


Very rarely do visitors purchase on their first visit to a website.  Retargeting your business to customers who have already visited your website will help in driving your brand subconsciously. Targeting via follow up advertising will make customers more inclined to purchase from your site. Make it easy for consumers to purchase from you!

Why SEO Guru?

At SEO Guru we are a leading banner marketing provider and brand management experts.  We deliver all aspects of internet marketing which includes banner marketing and image optimisation, and have years of experience providing successful internet marketing campaigns across the major ad networks and exchanges.

If you are just starting out with banner advertising and need assistance driving targeted traffic to your website, with image optimisation, or increasing your brand exposure to relevant audiences then contact us today for a free quote.

If you are already undergoing website marketing with banners and display advertising but would like to improve your key business outcomes and ROI then get in touch today for a free consultation to show how we can help.

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Client's Testimonial What are Clients saying about SeoGuru

" We have been using SEO Guru for content writing and marketing for the past two years.  I have no hesitation in recommending them. The content they create is not only really interesting for our website visitors but they also design it with our search engine performance in mind.  Thanks again guys!  Keep up the great work. "

Hank ( 8Casinos )


" We use SEO Guru for all of our internet marketing functions: pay per click, SEO and content writing and marketing.  My staff find them very responsive and easy to deal with and I am really happy with the results from these important marketing channels. "

David John ( Softtec )


" SEO Guru has helped our business immensely over the past 12 months.  They designed and developed a modern looking e-commerce website for my business.  I am very happy with the results.  I continue to use them to drive our search engine optimisation.  We are now ranked competitively for many of our chosen keywords and have seen a significant increase in website traffic and sales. "

Jonathon Fletcher