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Targeted Keyword Phrases Up to 10:
A Minimum of 5 Landing Pages are Required for this Plan

If you have had any previous SEO work carried out on the website you wish to rank, please contact us before purchasing this package.

Before purchasing please ensure you have a fully functional website with content, if you have yet to add any content contact us before taking this package.

We recommend a minimum period of 6 months to see a good improvement in rankings. Time frame to rank will depend on many requirements determined by Google as shown below.

1:Domain Age  2:Quality, Number and Type of Back-Links  3:Number & Quality of Content Pages  4:Keyword Competition  5:Load time of Pages  6:Site Security.

On receiving your payment we will contact you to discuss keyword phrases you would like to be ranked for. We may suggest other keyword phrases depending on search volume and ranking factors.

Our team will require access to ftp and or admin to your website to carry out on-page optimisation.

For security we would request your domain is setup on a server using https and your website is GDRP compliant

A setup fee is included within the first SEO monthly payment of £250 which is non refundable this covers setup and administration.

Please make sure you have read and understand our conditions before Payment. Ensure all fields are completed below.

Make Payment for one month £0.01

Payment for three months £1,196

Amount cannot be empty

Monthly Payment £399 – Payable Each Month