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Do You Need An Android Apps Developer?

  • Do you currently have an iOS App Store presence but are not yet active in Google Play?
  • Looking to develop a suite of apps for your business?
  • Are you aware of the rapid growth of the Android operating system but are unsure how to take advantage of this within your business?
  • Would like to create an App for Samsung, Sony, HTC or LG phones and tablets?
  • Need an Android apps developer for a bespoke programming job?
  • Is your existing Android app in need of coding for an upgrade or extensions to functionality?

Android Apps Development Company

With in excess of 80% of smartphones worldwide running the Android operating system, this presents a fantastic opportunity for your business. However, too often businesses focus solely on the smaller market share that is iOS and forget about Android, or at the very least delay the Android deployment, missing out on a chunk of market share, visitors and potentially sales.

The open source nature of Android has provided it with significant benefits in the mobile market. A wide range of manufacturers have invested in Android based devices and App developers, such as ourselves, have flocked to OS to take advantage of the ability to customise applications to suit our customers. However, the huge range of device types leveraging Android functionality does demand close management of mobile app development to avoid fragmentation issues and to ensure a consistent user experience. You need to ensure you hire an android apps developer who has a track record of delivering quality apps.

Why an Android Apps Developer from SEO Guru?

We are a team of experienced Apps developers with in-depth knowledge  in all versions of the Android platform. Our expertise in developing with Java, XML, PhoneGap and Web services, leveraging tools such as Android Studio, Eclipse and SQLLite give us the edge on our competitors. Our skillful team are able to create whatever application your business can dream up!

Speed to market

Don’t accept delays to your product development life-cycle. We work tirelessly to ensure delivery milestones are achieved to keep you ahead of your competition, while still allowing you to remain in full control of the product to market process.

Short on staff?

Seo-Guru work as an extension of your business. If you are short on developers then our agile and effective team can ‘sub in’ to cover the shortfall to ensure your Apps project is delivered on time.

Value for money

We pride ourselves on being an Android apps developer that provides high quality design and coding services at reasonable prices that won’t break your budget.

We can deliver

No matter how complex or unique your Android apps requirements, SEO-Guru can assist. Whether it is a gaming app, enterprise application, GPS app solution, mobile commerce development, social media apps or location based services our developers can deliver for your business.

Who Is SEO Guru?

We are a leading Android Apps Development Company based in the United Kingdom and provide a full range of website and application design and development services to businesses worldwide. Our team of designers, software engineers and developers are experienced, talented and highly skilled in the creation of mobile applications and web services. If you are looking for an android apps developer, or ios app development, look no further!

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If you are considering a new web or mobile application for your business, or your existing Windows, Android or iOS apps are in desperate need of a refresh