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PPC Management Services (Pay Per Click)

If you are looking for a marketing channel that delivers targeted traffic to your website that is cost effective, measurable and scalable then it is time to consider employing PPC services for your business.

Perhaps you have already taken the leap into pay per click advertising but are struggling to find the right customers and keywords that drive sales and conversions. Or do you simply need to optimise the management of your current Pay Per Click advertising campaign to improve your return on investment.

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  • Is your business struggling to attract new customers through PPC?
  • Do you require greater visibility of your brand?
  • Are you having difficulty gaining traction with your current Pay Per Click efforts? or maybe having trouble with search engine optimisation
  • Perhaps you simply require pay per click advertising to complement your existing marketing activity.

Why Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising gives you the opportunity to pay for leading positions on search engines, partner websites and other major pay per click advertising platforms. This can deliver instant, high quality traffic to your business that can provide the following benefits:

Attract More Customers

If you need to deliver new visitors to your website, increase online sales and brand awareness, to get the phones ringing or encourage repeat purchases then pay per click advertising is the way to go.

Right People, Right Time, Right Place

Reach potential customers, precisely when they are searching for services or products that your business provides. Target your PPC advertising to customers in certain cities, regions or local (just around the corner) from your business!

On the Right Devices

Reach online customers regardless of which device they are on. Desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet – you need a pay per click advertising strategy that targets every device customers are using in today’s mobile world.

Only Pay for Results

With Pay Per Click you only pay when someone clicks your Advert. At SEO Guru we constantly optimise PPC campaigns to ensure the right people are viewing and responding to your Pay Per Click Advertising.

You Set the Budget

Our PPC management services allows you to select a daily budget or a campaign budget you are comfortable with. You can start off small and modify as you see results!

Why SEO Guru?

SEO Guru provides professional team who deliver result orientated pay per click management services. We have years of experience in delivering successful PPC marketing campaigns, by providing effective and affordable Per Click promotions that will deliver the maximum traffic and optimal results for your business.

Our team deliver all aspects of PPC services including development and implementation of Pay Per Click marketing strategies, keyword discovery and selection, ad text creation, conversion tracking, landing page optimisation, campaign monitoring and reporting. We have a very successful track record in administering campaigns across all major Pay per click advertising platforms including Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook and Twitter.

If you require targeted web traffic that converts into sales or leads for your business then contact our PPC management team today for a free no obligation quote.

If you are you already running a PPC campaign but would like to improve results and return on investment.  Let us complete an audit of your existing campaign to identify areas which can be improved upon. We provide PPC management services to fit in with all budgets


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