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Article and Press Release Marketing

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Article Marketing and Press Release Services

  • Are you in need of a regular supply of traffic for your website or blog?
  • Have you heard of content marketing but don’t know how or where to start?
  • Do you need to attract loyal readers to your website?
  • Would you like to be seen as a leading expert in your field?
  • Struggling to optimise your website for popular search engines?

Content marketing is a fantastic way to generate a steady stream of traffic and to attract readers to your website? Article marketing and press release services are a key component of any content marketing efforts and involve the creation and strategic placement of articles and press releases to trigger interest in your website in order to establish credibility for your business.

Unfortunately, successful article marketing and press release distribution is not easy. It takes time, effort and (most of all) dedication to create an ongoing supply of high quality content for your business and to successfully drive distribution to other key websites and agencies.

If you want to improve the standard of inbound links and to drive visitors to your website then it might be time to consider enlisting an Article Marketing or Press Release Services Company.

Why Article and Press Release Marketing?

Are you looking for article or press release services in London or  across the UK? There are a bunch of key benefits of adding these channels to your overall marketing mix.

Increase backlinks to your website

With article marketing, promotion of your site includes a short bio and hyperlink to your website. Hyperlinks on popular sites serve as a recommendation of your website and can assist your overall off page optimisation efforts.

Improve SEO

Quality links are still one of the most crucial signals to search engines of a website’s reputation. Effective off-page optimisation with an article combined with Press Release marketing will improve Search Engine Optimisation, page rankings and ultimately visibility for your selected keyword phrases.

Increase website traffic

Increase the quality of referral traffic to your website or blog as readers engage with press releases and articles shown on selected high authority websites throughout the internet.

Improve branding

Improve your brand recognition as web users stumble across your name throughout the internet. A strong content strategy will establish your business as being expert in your niche field,  catapulting your business reputation to the next level.

Why SEO Guru?

Our internet marketing team are experienced in all aspects of content creation and distribution. Our article marketing and press release services will ensure quality content that readers find engaging, enticing them to visit your website. Our press release expertise increases the likelihood of your Press Release (PR) getting picked up and redistributed to further enhance the reach of your message. 

SEO Guru’s experience in on-page and off-page optimisation will ensure that your PR article will contribute to a boost in search engine reputation and page positioning in the (SERPS) search engine results pages.

If you are yet to employ article and press release marketing services, and require a steady stream of web traffic and improved search engine rankings, or already slogging away creating content and distributing it around the web without much success, get in touch!

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