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Video Marketing & Youtube Promotion Services

Using Video Marketing Channels

  • Is your business yet to leverage online video to reach potential customers?
  • Have you considered why you are ignoring one of the most effective ways to engage customers?
  • Do you need to drive prospects further down the purchasing decision path?
  • Are you in need of better-qualified traffic for your website or blog?
  • Would you like some assistance with your video marketing efforts?

If you are looking for a marketing channel that delivers customers who are highly likely to buy a product from you, then video marketing is a no brainier. In fact, many top marketers believe that video is the most effective method of marketing in this social media age.

Despite the highly effective nature of this method, still only one-quarter of businesses are using video marketing? Is your business one of them? If you need to drive traffic and sales for your business, then it is high time you considered this marketing channel. Does budget or a lack of skills stop you from getting involved, or perhaps it seems like a daunting exercise to undertake – we can talk you through how to get started. You won’t regret it.

Why Video Marketing?

Fast track the purchasing decision

Individuals use video as a key information source when making purchasing decisions about a company or the products they provide. A quality video can drive customers to your site who are more likely to buy from you.

Entertain potential customers

One of the most effective ways to create a buzz on social media is through engaging online video. See for yourself. Have a scroll through the social media platforms that you typically use. The prominence of video in the content that you view, like and share cannot be overlooked.

Become an expert

Web surfers typically consider companies with video content as leader or experts in their particular field. As a business you have an opportunity to exploit this with engaging branded video content that will propel your business reputation forward.

Drive website traffic

Last but not least, a video has the ability to send increased visitor traffic to your website either through the associated bio and links, or the enhancement to your brand exposure and reputation through your branded content.

Why SEO Guru?

We are able to provide high-quality video marketing services. Our expertise includes all the ingredients of a successful video marketing campaign including strategy development, video content planning and creation, video distribution, campaign monitoring.

We have implemented scores of top quality marketing campaigns leveraging sites such as YouTube, Video, Daily Motion and many other similar video sharing sites.

If you need assistance with the creation or distribution of video content, could use an increase in quality traffic to your website or are in general absence of a defined content marketing strategy.

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