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STANDARD: Recommended for Smaller StartUps

Targeted Keyword Phrases Up to 10: Website must consist of at least 5 Pages
£249/ Monthly
Initial Review & Analysis
Onpage Optimisation
Content Marketing
Local Search Optimisation
Social Marketing
SEO Reports
Customer Support
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PREMIUM GOLD: Recommended for Mid-Sized Companies

Targeted Keyword Phrases Up to 15: Website must consist of at least 8 Pages
£349/ Monthly
Initial Review & Analysis
Onpage Optimisation
Content Marketing
Local Search Optimisation
Social Marketing
SEO Reports
Customer Support
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PROFESSIONAL: Recommended for Larger Companies

Targeted Keyword Phrases Up to 20: Website must consist of at Least 12 Pages
£449/ Monthly
Initial Review & Analysis
Onpage Optimisation
Content Marketing
Local Search Optimisation
Social Marketing
SEO Reports
Customer Support
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Number of Keyword Phrases

Total Number of agreed keyword phrases we are going to target to rank your website for in the google search engine results pages

Critical Website Analysis

Complete in-depth analysis of website. Modifications or fixes may be required before the process of SEO services commence.

Competitor Analysis

Analysis of competitor websites that are ranking well in Google and within the same niche

Keyword Analysis

Multiple keyword phrases are analysed in-line with the website requirements.

Baseline Ranking Check

Before SEO work commences, we check initial rankings of clients requested keyword phrases to enable us to focus on bringing those keywords to the top pages of the search engine results pages, we may recommend other phrases depending on competition or  search volume.

Duplicate Content Check

Website content is checked to ensure there are no duplicated pages or content across the website, we also check for off-page duplicate content across the web to ensure website content is unique.

Google Penalty Check

Webmaster tools will be required for this process; In order for a website to rank well within the SERPS it must be clear of any Google penalties and not banned. If we find the site has Google penalties, this would have to be removed first using disavowal, contacting the sites in question and requesting removal, this will incur an extra cost.


A website can have several URL addresses causing duplicated content issues. Example Canonicalisation takes care of redirects and makes sure only one URL is available helping Google to index the site only once, thus stopping duplicated pages  

Meta, Header, Title, Alt Tag Optimisation

Content pages are checked ensuring images are optimised and alt tags are used. All  Meta data tags are checked to make sure they contain relevant content relating to the page.

Existing Page Content Optimisation

Existing page content checked making sure it falls in line with Google content guidelines, if there is not enough content on the website or the content is of poor quality client would be advised. Extra content would be required, at the expense of the client.

Image Optimisation

Images on each page are checked for kb size to allow web pages to load as quickly as possible. We recommend images are less than 50kb each and a page is no larger than 200kb with a minimum amount of http requests.

Robots.txt File Creation and Analysis

If website does not currently have a Robot.txt file we will create one. A Robots.txt file helps to control or restrict pages from being indexed by search bots.

XML Sitemap Creation & Analysis

An XML sitemap is a readable document of all page URL’s belonging to a website, making it easier for search bots to find  and index all pages that are to be crawled.

Internal Linking & Anchor Text Optimisation

Here we check an anchor Keyword phrase is linked to an internal content page that is on topic to the anchor text, in order to target and rank in Google SERPS.

Search Engine Friendly URLs (URL Rewriting)

A SEO-friendly URL is easy to read and understood by both users and search engine bots. A clean URL  would use words  which are readable and not contain syntax: Example of a poor URL 

Website Speed and Page Load Optimisation

For a website to rank well it needs to load quickly, large images, javascript problems, excessive http requests,  poor coding, hosting speed  and  many other issues will effect the load time of a web page.

Webmaster Tools - Crawl Error Resolution

Web pages are crawled by a search engine bot to determine site structure and how many pages are available to the end-user. If a page is not crawl-able it will not be indexed and could be penalised. 

Structured Data Implementation

Structured data implementation helps to index a websites content faster, this can be implemented using an on-page markup solution that helps search bots to understand web page content

Press Release Articles

A press release is an article of interest written to target publication media. The press release should  be short and contain relevant information (who? what? where? when? why?)  to create a buzz and interest.

Guest Blog Posting

Content distribution to multiple blogging websites.  wordpress, blogger, tumblr, livejournal to increase site authority and public awareness

Google+ Local Page Set-up

Create Google+ page to  help promote branding and to share web products and links with google users.

Classified Submissions

Classified submissions helps in generating local business interest

Business Listings

Listing business data online is an important part of sharing products, services and information as well as promoting brand awareness and giving users access to this information.

Real Customer Reviews

Genuine reviews posted by real customers describing your services and products.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a simple way to tag a web page on the internet making it easy to access. All bookmarks are online and can be shared with anyone.

Social Sharing

Social sharing, the practice of sharing content from a website across social media platforms to groups or individuals, with the primary focus in generating brand awareness.

Google & Product Reviews

Google Customer Product Reviews allows  for a seller to collect feedback from customers who make a purchase on their website. 

Web 2.0 Profile Creation

An Account is created under your brand name in Web 2.0 profiles

Image Promotion and Submission

Image Promotion is a great way to promote business images, business logos, banners and any type of image through the many social media sites

Video Marketing and Submission

 Videos provided by clients are submitted to Youtube, Vimeo and other video promotion sites. Videos can be provided by SEOGURU and are chargeable as extras outside of the seo package plans

Google Analytics Report

Monthly/Weekly/Daily traffic reports and page views provided.

Keyword Ranking Report

Once a month we check and test all keywords rankings in the Google (SERPS) Search Engine Results Pages, and advise on any course of action required.

Monthly Status Report

 A Monthly status report is provided, detailing Keyword Ranking, Traffic, Page Sessions, New visitors and returning Users.

Email and Phone Support

 All seo services are supported via email and phone, dependent on package selected.

Not Included in Package

Unavailable in this package, can be discussed as an optional chargeable extra.

Bespoke SEO packages

Looking to drive more traffic to your website, want to be visible online. Select from one of our 3 price packages or contact us for a bespoke solution.