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Pay Per Click Managed Services

  • Do you have a wonderful new website but no visitors?
  • Are you working hard to optimise your site for the search engines with minimal results?
  • Do you want high quality targeted traffic to your website instantly?
  • Are your online sales volumes hardly contributing to your overall sales goals?
  • Have you been thinking about pay per click management services but are not sure the best place to start?
  • Perhaps you are already active in pay per click but are after a UK PPC Company to improve the performance of your campaigns.

If you have been considering delving into pay per click advertising to grow and achieve your key business goals, then now is the time to get started. Smart PPC advertising campaigns can really enhance the success of your online business with highly targeted traffic delivered directly to your website when you need it. Even if you had not considered a managed PPC service, but are looking for a cost-effective and results-driven marketing channel, look no further.

Why Pay Per Click Advertising?

There are a range of PPC advertising platforms available on the internet. A few of the major players include Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook and Twitter. With Pay per click services you bid for a leading position in these search engines, websites or partner networks to increase the exposure of your business. Intelligent campaigns will begin delivering targeted traffic to your website almost instantly. There are stacks of benefits to a highly optimised PPC campaign including the following:

Develop new leads

Send prospective customers to your website or business with the aim of converting them into a customer. With quality targeted traffic this process becomes much simpler.

Advertise where your customers are

There is an old saying ‘fish where the fish are’. Internet marketing is no different. With PPC your business can advertise its service to customers at the exact time they are searching for what you offer.

Follow your prospects around

Your potential customers are enquiring about products and services no matter where they are. Using a PPC service you can target these prospects when they are buying whether at work on their computer, while commuting on their mobile phone, or simply when relaxing at home browsing their tablet.

Advertising at the right price

Advertising can be expensive. The good news is that PPC advertising provides you with certainty around your spend. You can easily set a maximum or recurring campaign budget that you are comfortable with and you only pay when you get results – click-throughs to your website.

Why SEO Guru?

SEO Guru are a leading PPC management services company. We provide a PPC service for many satisfied customers in London and across the UK. We work with small through to large corporate companies designing and delivering PPC services that drive results.

We are a full service pay per click company providing everything from developing strategy and objectives, campaign set up and enhancement, analytics and reporting, right through to ‘on page’ optimisation to ensure the very best results and lowest cost profile for your business.

If you would like to see your profits increase!

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