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Responsive Web Design

Is Your Website Mobile Ready & Responsive?

  • Do you need a responsive, attractive new website for your growing business?
  • Is your existing website in desperate need of an overhaul?
  • Are customers struggling to use your website on mobile devices?
  • Is your current site incompatible with tablets and mobile phones?
  • Does it display correctly on different screen sizes or browsers?

Unfortunately, having a website that looks professional and consistent across all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) is no longer optional but a must have for all businesses. With mobile traffic now exceeding  more than 52% in 2018, it is critical that your website is fully responsive and automatically adjusts to any screen size on any device with clear visibility.

Our team design fully responsive websites that seamlessly transition for clear viewing on tablets, smartphones and all computer types. Our focus is on delivering a slick user experience with a minimum resizing, panning and scrolling experience.

Why Responsive Web Design?

A nice looking business website or online store is nothing if it is not supported by a fullyresponsive web design. Customers today demand an intuitive user experience and seamless web browsing.

Automatically adjust to any screen size

Responsive websites with mobile-friendly designs that are compatible with the hugely popular iPhone, iPad, Andriod and all other smartphone and tablet devices.

Full cross-browser compatibility

Regardless of whether customers are viewing your site on Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer, responsive web design means your website will adapt to provide clear visibility to the user through any web browser.

Customers will stay on your site

Recent studies have shown that customers will frequently leave if your website is not mobile friendly. Optimise your site for mobile search so you do not miss out on potential customers and sales.

It’s not hard or expensive to upgrade

Contrary to popular belief, it is not hugely expensive to make your existing website responsive. In fact website rebuilds are relatively easy as we can generally leverage existing content on your site.

Modern and eye-catching

Give your site a modern and eye-catching look and feel. Propel your sales and profits to a new level!

Why SEO Guru?

At SEO Guru we pride ourselves on delivering modern and professional responsive web design and development. We have years of experience in delivering quality websites for both small and large organisations. Our focus is on fully functional websites that attract visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

Our team delivers all aspects of web design & development, responsive design support, eCommerce & CMS, API, 3rd party integrations and app development for web and social platforms. We ensure that your website development is responsive and search engine friendly

If you need a new mobile-friendly design or fully responsive website or are perhaps considering an overhaul of your existing site!

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