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CPC Management – Cost Per Click

Cost per click is a fantastic marketing channel with the proven ability to send quality traffic to a website. This type of instant traffic can be cleverly targeted to a specific or related audience, based on a myriad of constructed criteria, including targeted geo-location, keywords, demographics, device types and other factors. If your website business needs an injection of related or focused visitors to potentially boost and increase sales or enquiries, then it might be time to consider adding CPC, Cost Per Click to your advertising mix.

Maybe you are already running your own CPC advertising through Google Adwords, Bing or another marketing platform with only moderate success. Our Seo team know that Cost per click is an extremely powerful medium that can transform a business in a quick cost-efficient way. Don’t accept moderate success. Let us show you how to optimise your CPC advertising to reduce your costs and increase your ROI. Especially if your website relates to any of the bullet-points shown below.

  • Do you need new sales, leads and inquiries direct to your business?
  • Have you heard of cost per click or pay per click marketing, but just don’t know where to start?
  • Is your website in desperate need of a continuous boost of high-quality traffic?
  • Is your existing traditional or internet marketing tactics struggling to drive related targeted traffic to your website?
  • Paying too much for your current pay per click services?

Why Cost Per Click Advertising?

If you haven’t tried CPC advertising before you are probably wondering how it works. The concept is simple. You bid for leading positions on the search engines, attract partner websites and other advertising platforms. Successful campaigns will almost immediately direct high-quality matched traffic to your website. Some of the countless benefits of this include:

Sales, Sales, and More Sales!

Get your web sales cranked up, ready to sell and tell customers about your website offerings! Sending related prospects to exactly the right page place on your website, using carefully crafted advertising messages that will help grow interest and drive sales or leads, bringing repeat and new purchasing of products or services.

Find the Right People

The beauty of cost per click services is that in many cases you are prompting customers to buy at the very moment they are searching for the type of products you provide. Campaigns can be customised to specific locations and demographics so you reach the right people, at the right time, when they are searching.

Desktop, Mobile, Laptop or Tablet

Smartphone penetration is now upwards of 78% + in many Countries throughout the world. Reaching customers now requires an advertising approach that works regardless of whether they are sitting at their desk, on the bus, the couch or anywhere else in the world. Cost Per Click services give you that granularity access.

It won’t Break the Bank

Unlike some other advertising channels, with CPC you do not need a massive upfront investment to get started. You can set a daily campaign budget that you can afford to manage and then scale this up once you see increased sales, start rolling through the payment door!

Why SeoGuru?

We have very successfully provided CPC services to businesses in the UK and globally for many years. What our marketing team does not know about CPC, is not worth knowing! Our focused approach is on providing campaigns that are cost effective and deliver a strong ROI for your business.

Cost per click can be complex. You need not worry however, as we provide the full suite of marketing services from a well constructed relevant strategy & targeting, the focused research of keywords, development of ads, campaign analytics and conversion tracking as well as landing page optimisation.

If your business needs to be advertising with Bing, Google Adwords, Twitter, Facebook or any other CPC platform, we can help market your business.


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