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Web Marketing via Email

Do You Need An Email Marketing Service?

Using an Email Marketing Agency will help resolve many caveats businesses suffer from

  • Are you talking to your customers and prospects regularly?
  • Do you have a clearly defined email marketing strategy?
  • Does your business struggle to find the time to communicate with clients via email?
  • Want to engage with your customers through targeted email communications?
  • Neglecting to up-sell or cross sell related services to your existing clients?

Email marketing is a highly effective form of direct marketing which leverages email as a means of communicating commercial messages to a particular audience. Email is at the centre of your online marketing efforts, and still remains one of the most effective messaging vehicles for promoting your products and services. It is vital you have a clearly defined email marketing strategy to stay in contact with your customers and to generate new leads and sales.

If you require a cost effective marketing channel that delivers targeted traffic to your website then it is time to consider employing a professionally managed email marketing service.

Perhaps you are already undertaking email marketing to drive web traffic, new and existing customer sales or brand awareness. You can do it in-house, however optimising your email communications is a specialist skill. At SEO Guru we are experts in email marketing and can help significantly improve your open rates, click through rates and conversions to maximise your return on investment.

Why Do I Need A Managed Email Marketing Service?

First rate email design

Get professional assistance creating outstanding html email template designs that are consistent with your business or website’s branding.

Campaign management

Leverage our proficiency in developing campaign objectives, sales focused copywriting, database management and email scheduling.

Measurement & reporting

Analyse campaign results with a critical eye and report on ongoing performance of your email campaigns.

Optimise for results

Take advantage of advice from expert email marketing professionals to improve the performance of your campaigns through personalisation, A/B testing, targeted content and designs.

Why SEO Guru?

SEO Guru are an email marketing agency and provide high quality email services. With a wealth of experience leveraging email to successfully drive key business outcomes for our customers. Let us assist you in improving your existing email management, or setting up an email marketing strategy for your business.

If you require a boost in traffic to your website that converts into sales or leads for your business or are already sending regular email communications to your customers or prospects but would like to improve your results and return on investment give us a call, we not only provide SEO, we consider ourselves one of the best email marketing agencies south of London

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