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Keyword Research

Are Your Keywords Converting?

  • Unsure which keywords to target for your website?
  • Do you need keywords that convert into paying customers?
  • Confused over whether to target short or long tailed keywords to achieve your website objectives?
  • Paying too much for PPC services?
  • Need greater visibility of your website through SEO services?
  • Are you operating in a highly competitive business niche?

Whether you are setting up a new website or your existing one is struggling to gain traction in the search engines, keyword research is fundamental to the success of your website.

It is crucial that your website and internet marketing is optimised for keywords that bring visitors focused on buying not just browsing. Before you commit to any SEO services you need to ensure you are leveraging keywords that evade your competition and attract targeted visitors to your website.

If your website is short on visitors or your browsers are not converting into sales, it might be time to consider employing professional keyword research services to determine the effectiveness of your keyword targeting.

If you are approaching the development stage of a new website then now is the time to consider keyword strategy as part of your landing page planning, design and content creation. Talk to us today about how we can help.

Why Keyword Research?

The internet is a busy place. No matter what products or services you provide, chances are there is a wealth of other advertisers selling similar goods or services in the same niche. Effective keyword research services enable your business to stand out from the crowd. Benefits of completing comprehensive keyword research include:

Finding keywords that convert

There is no point sending thousands of customers to your website if they have no intention of buying. Effective keyword research will identify keywords that convert into real sales and make you real money.

Increase website traffic

Effective keyword research will enable you to more easily achieve a first page listing on key search engines. This can translate into a steady stream of targeted website traffic to your business.

Reduce advertising costs

Keyword research services can prove the difference between paying a few pence for pay per click advertising services versus several (£) pounds.

Why SEO Guru?

SEO Guru is one of the leading Search Engine Optimisation Companies in the United Kingdom, providing the full spectrum of website services from web design and development to SEO services and internet marketing. T

he cornerstone of any website project is keyword research. Our team have many years of experience in keyword research services and hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the United Kingdom.

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