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Pay Per Click - PPC PACKAGES

PPC - Max 25 Keyword Phrases - 2 Internal Pages

£249 Setup Fee
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PPC - Max 50 keyword phrases - 4 Internal Pages

£349 Setup Fee
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ECOMMERCE - Max 100 Keyword Phrases - 8 Internal Pages

£449 Setup Fee
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Initial Analysis & Campaign Overview

Analyse keywords and ads groups for all PPC campaigns

Campaign Setup and Restructure

A Campaign is a dedicated direct marketing web-based solution, allowing developers to design create, and run specific marketing campaigns suitable to a customer budget spend, and analyzing targeted customers response.

Landing Page Optimisation

A landing  page is designed to meet the requirements of website visitor, by targeting focused products and or services specifically suited to the customer, in order to entice that customer into purchasing or signing up, leading to an increase in leads and conversions.

Tracking and Goal Setup

Set-Up tracking code and goals to allow tracking of user interactions within the website, These user interactions can include, form submissions, button clicks, ebook downloads, and more.

Conversion Analysis/Setup/Optimisation

Pay Per Click conversion rates are analysed to determine the converting percentage of website visitors, resulting in successful leads or sales over a period of time.                  

Keywords Analysis and Setup

Analyse conversation rates, monitor and adjust campaigns to ensure maximum focused website traffic is achieved and conversion are at a maximum

Display and Re-marketing Setup

Show targeted ads to users who have already visited your website. Re-marketing or Re-targeting helps to increase the conversation rate and return on investment (ROI).

Regular Bid Management

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E-COMMERCE Shopping Campaign Setup

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Feed Generation & Optimisation

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ROI Tracking & Optimisation

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GMB Listing & Optimisation

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Local Keywords Single/Multi Location

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Monthly Audit & Performance Report

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Auto Reports (Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly)

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Unavailable in this package, can be discussed as an optional chargeable extra.