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Blog Marketing and Promotion

Why Invest in Blog Marketing & Promotion Services

Do You Need A Blog For Your Website?

  • Finding creating content on your existing blog too time-consuming?
  • Are your content marketing efforts struggling to capture the imagination and attention of your customers?
  • Does your website require sustainable improvements in search engine rankings?
  • Are you having difficulty socialising your blog content on social platforms?
  • Why leverage Social Media Optimisation (SMO).

A company or personal blog has transitioned into a high priority for new and existing websites alike. The need to engage with your target market and deliver sustainable improvements in Search Volume has led to a substantial shift in blog and content marketing techniques. Customers have an expectation that they will receive frequent, useful information from your business that they can easily share with their social networks… You don’t want to disappoint your customers!

If content marketing and blogging is not a key part of your internet marketing strategy then this presents both an opportunity and a challenge for your business. If you are struggling to create and publish your own content or are unable to optimise it for social media (SMO) then it might be time to consider a managed blog marketing service.

Why Blog Marketing & Promotion With SEOGuru?

Original content

Our key focus is on high quality, 100% original blog posts that your business will be proud of and customers will enjoy.

Specific topics/keywords

Either you determine the topics you want us to create content and rank for, or alternatively, let us do the legwork and save you a whole lot of hassle.

SEO friendly

As a leading SEO company, we understand web and content structure, keywords, placement, density and other techniques that will ensure your blog posts improve your web reputation and authority in the search engines.

Ghost Writing

We write the content but remain anonymous. You own the content to do with as you please.

Engaging & professional

Our focus is on well written, engaging and professional blog posts that your customers will want to share.

Social media optimisation (SMO)

Internet marketing that makes use of SMO to encourage sharing of content with social networks can be extremely beneficial for your business.

Why use our services?

SEO Guru provides a range of blog marketing and promotional services. We are passionate about content marketing and have skilful experienced staff that can drive your blog fan base to increase exponentially! We are experts at the ins and outs of leveraging your blog to drive leading search engine rankings.

If you require a managed blog service that drives targeted web traffic, boosts your SEO performance and is optimised for social media. Or you are already a frequent blogger but would like to improve your results, while freeing up valuable time to focus on core business.

Let's Get started!

Looking to have a blog installed on your website, or would like an audit of your existing content marketing efforts.