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Joomla Development

Need a Developer for Your Joomla Website?

  • Are you in search of an expert Joomla developer?
  • Looking for a popular content management system for publishing web content?
  • Want to create a feature-rich website but are unsure of which technology to use?
  • Do you require an open source platform but are shying away from Wordpress?
  • Is PHP your preferred coding language?

Joomla is an award-winning content management system and has received in excess of 50 million downloads. It is second only to Wordpress in popularity as website software for the creation of powerful websites and online applications.

Joomla, like Wordpress, is Open Source software providing wonderful flexibility for developers and is renowned for its ease of use and extensibility. Whether you are looking to create a new corporate website or intranet, eCommerce site, small business website or online application, Joomla is an adaptable CMS solution that will achieve your business objectives.

Why Hire a Joomla Developer?


The core Joomla content management system is great. But the real strength of Joomla lies in the available extensions. There are more than 7,000 extensions available to allow you to customise your website or application exactly how you envisaged it.

The open source structure of Joomla allows knowledgeable Joomla developers to easily create an aesthetically pleasing and fully featured website for your business.

Simple content management

Joomla’s roots are as a content management system. As you would expect, it does this fantastically well with a wide range of features that make managing and publishing your content a breeze.

Easy edit functionality

You don’t want to be spending hour upon hour editing content. Revising content should be straightforward and fast. Joomla front-end editing is extremely simple.


There are more than 64 languages supported by Joomla making it the most popular multilingual CMS platform worldwide. If your website needs to appeal to a range of nationalities then put Joomla at the top of the list.


Much like Wordpress, there is no cost to download Joomla, it is a free and open source. This typically means that Joomla website development is more cost-effective than many other web programming alternatives.

Why SEO Guru?

Our developers have been creating attractive, innovative, functional and feature rich websites for hundreds of happy customers over the past 10 years. Based south of London in the United Kingdom and servicing clients across the UK.

Our website design and development team are highly skilled and accredited in a range of programming languages. If you need the best Joomla developer available to design and build your new website project, regardless if it is a complex multi-functional website or a simple blog for your small business, then our specialist staff can assist.

If you are upgrading your existing website with Joomla, or are looking to hire a Joomla developer that is a top class professional.

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