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Campaign Types

At SEOGuru, we use several types of digital marketing strategies to help your business realise its full potential. We constantly review and tailor every campaign strategy to ensure we are achieving the goals for your business. Campaigns can be stand-alone or a combination of different campaigns to create your unique marketing solution. Our main campaign types include:

Paid advertising campaigns we provide

Pay-Per-Click (PPC): To get the right results, you need to use the right platform.  At SEOGuru, we use a wide range of digital media, including Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram, for your targeted PPC campaigns. It’s a cost-effective method of converting potential customers into actual customers. A successful PPC campaign relies on keywords and the right delivery platform. We use extensive analytics to select the best keywords for your target audience. Our team then uses those keywords to develop a complete PPC campaign, including advertising, landing page and ongoing campaign analysis.

An effective PPC campaign boosts sales and generates more activity on your website. What’s more, the increase in activity will also complement your SEO strategies. Increased web activity will help improve your website ranking on Search Engine Results Page (SERP).