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Why Social Media and SEO Are Like Peas and Carrots

Why You Must Invest in Social Media and SEO

Without reservation social media enthusiasts wax lyrical on the overwhelming importance of Social Media in driving website visibility and a steady stream of traffic. Conversely SEO specialists hasten to add that search engine optimisation remains more important than ever in driving top search engine ratings and therefore visitation to your website.

You might ask then, what is the most important way to drive qualified traffic to your business website? Is social media the new search engine optimisation? The correct answer is yes… and no. Let us explain. Today SEO and Social Media go hand in hand; they are like peas and carrots so to speak!

The techniques to maintain visibility of your website in search engines have changed somewhat over the last few years. The core aspects of on page optimisation are still vitally important. Your website must be well structured, tags and titles are necessary, high quality and original content is mandatory. Search engines need to easily crawl the website and find your content.

The biggest shift has been in the accessibility and share ability of content. Nowadays much of the focus of on and off page optimisation is on creating dynamic and engaging content that is easily shareable. SEO is no longer primarily just about basic link building and how many sites of high authority link to your website. A key element is the creation of quality content that is shared more and seen more by search engines.

When we are talking about sharing content, one of the first things that spring to mind is social media. After all! Shareable content is one of the key goals of all social platforms.

A well structured SEO and Social Media strategy will focus on the ease at which content can be shared throughout individuals social networks, it will encourage the distribution of engaging content with links back to your website, and it will deliver an increase in reputation and credibility for your website throughout major search engines.

Search engines are incorporating a greater number of cues from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in their results. Your likes, retweets or +1s of your content are working alongside your other SEO efforts to help drive your search engine performance.

If you are serious about achieving a high search ranking for your website within Google, Bing or Yahoo, then the integration of social media into your SEO strategy is vitally important. Equally important is the consideration of search engine optimisation in your ongoing social media promotional activity.

After considering the importance of both SEO and Social Media in achieving a high ranking for your website, it is worth mentioning that SEO Guru provides a full suite of internet marketing services including Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing services.