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If you run a company that relies on online traffic to drive key business outcomes I imagine you have heard of the dreaded Google penalty. However, to clear up any misunderstanding, a Google penalty refers to Googles response when a site undertakes activities that contravene its webmaster guidelines. This intentional penalisation of your website and...
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Why not to use Black Hat SEO
The seismic shift of businesses and consumers to the internet as the primary source of information over the past few years has fuelled the ongoing battle of website owners who are clamouring to gain prominence at the top of search engine results pages. Wherever you look there is a huge amount of discussion about the...
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Search Rank
I am sure you are all aware of the potential benefits of a top listing in Google, Yahoo or Bing. What do I mean by a top listing? Let me put it like this. If your website is not featuring on the first page of major search engines you can pretty much kiss goodbye to...
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