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Advertising with Google Ad Words:

One of the largest PPC marketing platforms in the world, Google Adwords, now known as Google Ads. Approximately 90% of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising.

Google Ads offers a comprehensive marketing platform and is one of  the most widely used online advertising tools in the World.

Google Adwords works on a pay-per-click model allowing users to place bids on keyword phrases for selected positions within the Google search pages, the highest bid  gets first position on the page, second highest bid, second position etc. This bidding format makes it easier when setting up campaigns by providing exact cost per click pricing for selected keyword phrases, allowing businesses to set limits as well as a daily spend threshold.

Each time a web surfer searches using a keyword phrase the company who’s bid value is the highest for the placement will be shown at the top of the page.

Google reserve mainly the first 4 positions at the top or the search page and may also show up to 4 ads at the bottom of a page

Example of Google Paid Ads for the keyword phrase – seo company

There may be potentially 18 results shown on a page of which 8 could be ads placed by Google, this leaves space for ten organic results which are added by Google, (FREE Organic Search).  Ads that most closely follow a user’s search pattern will be shown at the top of the page. The adverts are shown on a page in ascending order according to the price paid and the relevance to the user. This is why it is incredibly important to purchase keywords that closely match products and services you provide in order to convert paid clicks to your website into paying customers.

The actual process of how an advertisement is placed will be dependent on a metric, known as Ad Rank. It is calculated by multiplying two separate factors. The first factor is cost per click, which means the highest amount of money paid for a click; the second factor is the quality score of your website. The score quality depends on your advertisements click-through-rate, the relevance and the useful quality of the landing page.

The Google Ad system will align your advertisement with people using the Google network, this rating and ranking system is much like an auction system, by choosing the best keywords whilst providing relevant landing pages with good quality content is essential when using Google Ads to its best potential.

Advertising on the Google Ads network makes business sense because Google is by far the most popular online search engine across the western world, providing vast volumes of traffic allowing anyone to piggyback the online network, thus putting your services and products in front of potentially millions of users across the globe, giving you the maximum impressions and clicks for your google ads

Maximise the results of your advertising campaign by having good keyword relevance, optimised high quality landing pages, persuasive sales pitch relevant to the searchers needs.
Choosing the right keywords for your campaign can be time consuming and must be built around keywords that will bring success in terms of sales and profits. As an advertiser it’s in your interest to monitor and refine your advertising phrases using only the most relevant keyword phrases.

You may be missing out on hundreds of valuable low-cost keywords that could be pumping traffic to your website. You should have an exhaustive list of keywords that focus on your niche. Try a list of long-tail keywords that cost less and are more product or service specific. You want to have an expansive list that is constantly growing and changing based on the results of your marketing campaign.

The run an effective and successful PPC campaign it needs to be  carefully managed. By regularly monitoring your account and analysing the performance of your chosen keyword phrases and the results they achieve.

Be sure to constantly add PPC marketing phrases that are relevant to your website, remove negative keywords that do not bring positive results wasting both time and money. Split your advertising groups to maximise click-through rates and improve your quality score ratings. Review PPC keyword phrases that are expensive and analyse whether or not they are worth the spend rate (Do your Sums).

Lastly always be sure to refine and test your landing pages. Make sure that your landing page has a strong call to action and is relevant to the keyword phrases you are advertising through google PPC.

There are many different elements that will either make a PPC advertising campaign a success or failure. Follow the advice and strategies as listed above to maximise the chances of success in gaining a higher return on investment (ROI) with Google Paid Ads.