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How SEO Can Revive Your Flagging Business

Have you invested heavily in the development of your website or digital platform? Has the forecasted increase in online sales, the reduction in cost to serve, or the bump in overall business conversions never actually eventuated? Is your shiny new website suffering from a lack of high quality targeted traffic, or are you finding yourself spending over and above your marketing budget on paid advertising, both traditional and digital?

While this will probably provide limited consolation to you, you are not alone in your struggles. As more consumers shift online to find products, compare services and pricing, and to inevitably complete their transactions, traditional advertising and business practices are not cutting the mustard anymore. Businesses are investing large sums to optimise their presence online, but are often dissatisfied with the results. Why? Well primarily because they have a ‘build it and they will come’ mentality.

The good news for your business is that investing in high quality SEO services could be exactly what you need to revive your failing online businesses performance.

Why SEO?

Getting your page ranked for key search phrases means you are presenting your services to customers at the exact time they are searching for them. Could there be a more targeted advertising medium? And, unlike pay per click marketing, the organic traffic you receive from search engines as a result of SEO is free. Sounds great right? So what are the other benefits of SEO then?

Cost effective

While SEO can be time consuming and somewhat difficult for the uninitiated; the upside is that it is a relatively cost effective internet marketing technique. You do not need to invest heavily to get started, and most SEO experts operate on a monthly subscription basis with no contract terms.

Sustained traffic increases

With paid advertising, when you turn the tap off and stop paying, generally the traffic switches off as well. “One of the key benefits of search engine optimisation is that it delivers long term sustainable traffic increases to your website” says SEOGuru Owner David Brett. While it can take a few months to start to demonstrate improvements to your rankings, the benefit of effective SEO can be maintained for a prolonged period.

New customers and business growth

The sustainable increases in traffic that we alluded to above, coupled with the fact that SEO traffic is more highly targeted than many traditional forms of advertising, can only be good news for your business. Establishing and implementing a well defined SEO strategy for your business will result in improved conversion rates, a boost in new and repeat customers and an overall improvement to your businesses bottom line.

Now the hard part. Where to start? If you are struggling to come to grips with where to start with you’re SEO, then have a chat with our friendly team here at SEOGuru. We have helped hundreds of websites achieve top rankings locally, nationally and globally and can point you in the right direction.