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Top 5 Reasons You Need Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Have you always considered local search engine success merely a convenient side effect of traditional SEO endeavours? If so, then I’m afraid you are terribly mistaken. While it is acceptable to think of Local SEO as an important subset of SEO; achieving favourable outcomes in local web searches is not simply an after thought of your existing efforts. To achieve increased location based exposure for your business you need to apply a very specific focus on local SEO with a geographical twist to your techniques.
You are probably saying to yourself right about now… this sounds difficult, is it worth the extra work? Surely potential customers searching in your local area will refine their query and stumble across your business right? I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is generally not the case. However, a little extra effort in local SEO goes a long way to increasing the visibility of your business online. Let’s discuss five of the top reasons you need local SEO services for your business today.

Reason 1: A Boost In Online Sales

The days of customers looking you up in the white pages or doing a drive-by are long gone. To really connect with your local customers you need to engage with them online. The internet is where the vast majority of consumers go to find details of their local businesses and associated products and services. If you are reliant on a defined geographical area, local SEO can increase your business visibility and enable potential customers to locate and connect with you more readily. The net result should be a boost in online and face to face sales for your business.

Reason 2: Targeting Customers On The Move

Consider this scenario. You are out and about with a shopping list a mile long. You are unsure where to locate half of this stuff. Where do you turn? That’s right, straight onto the mobile to do a google search. In fact, mobile searches are now more prevalent than desktop when consumers are in need of search engine powered inspiration. Quality local SEO focuses on both desktop and mobile internet access and, coupled with your mobile optimised website, you will never miss out on a potential customer. Take advantage of improvements that search engines and social platforms have made to the structure of mobile results and drive your mobile traffic skyward.

Reason 3: Improved Customer Targeting

Traditional local channels like newspapers or yellow pages are in massive decline. Search engines and local online directories are the obvious replacement and promote your business to customers at the exact moment they are looking for your products and services. Narrowing your SEO efforts to focus on your defined target markets location enables you to cater to real business prospects and measure responses more effectively.

Reason 4: Improve Your Businesses Reputation

Have you ever been influenced to buy (or not buy) a specific product or service after reading an online review? The truth is that 70% of customers trust online reviews and positive reviews or ratings for your business can help boost trust and reputation in your local area. If you want your business to be seen as more authentic – connecting with customers through local listings and reviews is a must.

Reason 5: Improve Conversion Rates

Are you getting a heap of traffic to your website but are suffering extremely low conversion rates? The good news is that localised search traffic is more likely to convert. Why? Well there are a number of reasons. It could be customers want to support their local business. It might be the perceived effort is lower with a business that is just around the corner. Maybe it is an increased level of trust that a local business will look after them. Whatever the reason, local businesses are enjoying the benefits of improved conversion rates by optimising their site for local search traffic.

Local SEO is extremely important if your business operates in a defined location. What’s more… a lot of businesses are not doing a particularly good job optimising their

business for local search engine success. A professional SEO services

Company like SEO Guru can help you drive long term business value with a focus on improving your local SEO performance.